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Interview with Dr. Becker : Med Monthly Magazine, “Dr. Becker helps women look and feel their best”

Med Monthly magazine.
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Dr. Becker helps women look and feel their best
Breast surgery inventor and innovator
By Alice Osborn

Dr. Hilton Becker uses his passion and skills at breast reconstructive and plastic surgery to help patients when they are the most vulnerable: after mastectomies and after botched
cosmetic operation. “Some of the most gratifying parts of my work are treating patients who have bad complications with breast implants,multiple operations or previous breast problems where we can help
them with our new advanced techniques and correct them in one operation. Dr. Becker’s experience
in reconstructive breast surgery greatly enhances has ability to perform cosmetic surgery of the breasts.
“1 combine my knowledge of reconstruction and cosmetic to benefit both populations; he states.
Originally from South Africa, and now practicing in Boca Raton, Florida at the Hilton Becker
Clinic of Plasltc Surgery, Dr. Becker is recognized both nationally and Internationally as an expert in breast reconstructive surgery with over 25 years of experience in the field. He has lectured and taught surgeons all over the world and as extensively published on the subject of breast surgeries and reconstruction of the breast.
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