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Introducing Pellevé™!

This revolutionary non-surgical for face wrinkles is virtually painless and has very little downtime. It uses radiowave technology to achive its amazing results.

The Pellevé™ system bypasses the upper layers of skin and heats the deeper layers which makes the collagen contract and get tighter. This makes it produce new collagen, improving tightess and rigidity in the treated area.

No anesthesia or cooling of the skin is required. It just warms the face as the device touches your skin. This allows the patient to communicate to the doctor how they are feeling which enables the doctor to modify their technique to get the best results. After the procedure, you can go right back to your regular routine with mild redness or swelling lasting 2-24 hours.

Pellevé™ treats the face, including the area around the eye. you may see results after just one treatment, with improvement lasting up to six months.

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