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Becker Adjustable Implant

For more information on the Becker adjustable implants, Click here.


  • Volume can be changed after surgery
  • Patient has input into final size
  • Better able to correct asymmetry
  • Better able to treat complications following previous breast surgery i.e., irregularities in shape, capsular contracture, symmastia (disruption of midline)

Now you can change the size of your breasts without additional surgery.

Implant with no saline added.


Saline added to implant via injection port.


Injection port removed once final volume is achieved


The adjustable breast implant, which was developed in 1985 by Dr. Becker, is used in this procedure. The implant consists of a membrane that is filled with saline via detachable dome. Saline (salt water solution) is added or removed from the implant post-operatively by inserting a thin needle through the skin into the injection dome. Once the patient is satisfied with the size and shape of her breasts, the dome is removed usually three to six months post-operatively. The implant seals at the self-sealing valve. alternatively the injection dome may be exteriorizied and removed one week later.

Implant placed at time of surgery.

Saline added to implant.

Saline removed from implant.

Injection port removal through small incision.

Injection port removed.

If the patient wishes to enlarge (or decrease) the size of her breasts after surgery, a needle is placed through the skin into the injection dome. Saline solution is then injected (or removed) to adjust to the size (and shape) of the breast. When the patient is satisfied with the result, the injection dome can be removed under local anesthetic.

It is the ability of the adjustable breast implant to correct or improve difficult breast problems such as ptosis, tubular and unilateral breast development that makes this implant so unique. The adjustable-fill breast implant is useful in expanding underlying tissue and generating more breast tissue to create a more natural and symmetrical breast shape. Because these implants can be filled gradually over a period of several months, discomfort is minimized while the skin slowly stretches. In order to avoid the unnatural, hard-looking appearance of some augmentations, especially the upper fullness. Adjustable breast implants can be overfilled, then the volume reduced, allowing the breast to relax, producing a more natural appearance.

For more information on the Becker adjustable implants, Click here.

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