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Breast augmentation in female body builders

Breast augmentation in female body builders

Hilton Becker MD, FACS

Female body builders considering breast augmentation are faced with specific problems related to the changes that have taken place in their bodies.

Before: Patient had sub-muscular breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. developed capsular contraction with elevation of the implant.After: The implants were replaced in the sub-facial position.

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  • Body fat is reduced.
  • The breast skin is thin.
  • The pectoral muscles are enlarged and powerful.

These women are athletic and work out a lot.
Sub-muscular placement can cause discomfort, excessive distortion and even double bubble deformity.
Sub glandular placement often results in visibilityof the implant as the overlying skin is thin.
I therefore routinely place the implants in the subfascial position in these patients.

The fascia is the lining of the muscle. It adds extra support to the implant and can be reinforced with absorbable mesh if necessary. In this position there is no excessive movement or distortion of the implant on muscle contraction.

Before : Patient with Sub-Muscular Implants showing displacement with muscle contraction.After: Implants were replaced in the sub-facial position.

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I prefer the circum-areolar incision as it is hidden in the bikini, and does not become exposed should the bikini lift up as can be seen with the inframammary incision.

My implant of choice is the smooth round moderate profile plus. This implant has the least tendency to ripple, which can be problematic in thin skinned patients.

If the patient wishes to have saline implants I prefer to use the adjustable saline implants as this give the ability to change the volume after surgery. I do not recommend large saline implants in athletic patients.

Before : WeightlifterAfter: subfascial breast augmentation – moderate profile plus silicone gel implants Mesh support applied to upper pole

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Hilton Becker MD, FACS

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